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Learn life’s essential leadership and team skills through the experience of a multiplayer online role-playing game
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About Teamwork

Have you ever noticed that fundamental teamwork skills are really hard to teach?

We’ll let you in on a secret. They can be learned - in fact we permanently transform clients all the time. Just not in the way you might think.

While we refer to the qualities of good teamwork as skills, they are actually a combination of skills – knowing how to take action, and dispositions – which is a mindset towards what actions you take.

Have you ever been to a two-day leadership workshop, got a lot of useful strategies from it, then stopped using them all within a few months? You would have learned some great skills, but without the disposition to use them, it’s easy to slip quickly back into your habitual ways of doing things.

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What are the key soft skills for a high performing workplace?



Listening to what other people care about with empathy and understanding. Speaking to produce a shared future.



Building trust and solving problems as a team using interdependent thinking and appropriate language.



Cultivating the ability to be open, present and connected: self-aware and aware of our effect on others.

How are these key skills learned?

Through decades of work in the coaching and consulting fields, we have sought out the solution for training people in both the dispositions and skills that produce breakthrough results in their teamwork and leadership. And based on the results of our program, we know we’ve got it right.

People need to engage in these key practices:

  • Learning conversations with others
  • Observing others and themselves in action
  • Recurrent, intensive practice
  • Reflective thinking
  • Receiving coaching
  • Giving and receiving feedback with peers
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How do we do it?

We’ve created a program that brings together the leading research and practices in brain science, management consulting and learning design, which is delivered in a way that is intellectually and emotionally stimulating, and is delivered completely online. 

Live-action coaching in a multi user online gaming environment provides the unique opportunity for participants to practice real-life work team situations in a safe immersive environment, where they receive real time feedback from expert coaches.

The result is effective, rapid learning of skills and dispositions that can otherwise take years to achieve.

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For me the V-Teamwork program is all about how to work together, and even the most seasoned project professionals can learn something valuable from it.

Teresa Fernandez

Read the case study to see how V-Teamwork was used to accelerate this smart team.

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