Empowering thriving teams

So you want to gain mastery in collaboration across disciplines, cultures and around the globe?

Your team is highly knowledgeable and skilled in its roles, but when it comes to communication and collaboration, you feel that you could do better.

You understand that communication, collaboration and mindfulness are the key soft skills for a high performing workplace and you have attended workshops and seminar on these topics, but you are having trouble converting these skills into the workplace.

How will V-Teamwork help you...

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The program is like nothing else you will find online.

Users enter an online gaming environment where they practice real life situations in a safe and immersive environment, with instant feedback from expert coaches. 

The result is effective, rapid learning of skills and dispositions that can otherwise take years to achieve.

This is not a pass-fail or tick-the-box type of individual “certificate” course. It is an out-of-the-box, powerful group learning experience designed to make a significant improvement to your effectiveness and satisfaction in your work.  

In several groups where we have deployed V-Teamwork, we have seen it as a very effective catalyst to accelerate the development of leadership and teaming skills in our global engineering teams. I have seen participants rapidly develop deep insights about themselves, and about how to work more effectively with others.
Danny Ryan
Since doing the program I am now really good at ‘closing the loop’ on my commitments. It’s quite powerful: I promise people what I’m going to deliver by when and when I deliver it I say “as promised”. This has deepened people’s trust in my decisions so we get things done faster.
Eric Giles
Eric Giles
Queensland Curriculum Assessment Authority

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