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Apply to Teaming Leadership

Prerequisite Teaming Essentials

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Application Form – Teaming Leadership

  • The purpose of this application is to provoke a deep reflection about what's possible for you as a leader in the realities of your current situation

  • SECTION A: Contact Details

    We use this information to contact you and make sure that you get course communications effectively and efficiently.
  • SECTION B: Please tell us about your current leadership capability and challenges

    Help us focus our coaching and make the program more relevant to your situation. Below are five areas of teamwork and leadership practice that the program aims to address. With each one, reflect on your current ability, and then use the 1-10 scale to assess: a) How effective you are at present, and b) How important this area of leadership competency is for you in your current situation. Maximize your opportunity: mark hard. Also please complete the comment section to give us a better idea of what you care about, what matters most to you. RATING SCALE: 0 = Ineffective/unimportant, to 10 = Highly effective/Extremely important. Please give examples in the comments section.
  • 1. Adapting to and thriving on change:

    in mission, personnel, reporting, technology, markets, customers, stakeholders, strategy etc
  • Please give specific examples
  • 2. Improving accountability:

    Upwards, downwards and sideways
  • Please give specific examples
  • 3. Building and repairing trust:

    teams can move faster and innovate together
  • Please give specific examples
  • 4. Shifting mood:

    from negative, unproductive moods to positive, productive moods
  • Please give specific examples
  • 5. Reducing re-work and delay and other forms of process waste

  • Please give specific examples
  • Anything else? (Optional)

  • Finally, a few more logistics

  • We recommend a personal email as some workplaces have firewalls which may make it difficult to access our learning portal and applications.
  • In case we can’t reach you via email…
  • Thanks for taking the time to apply. We look forward to reading your application. We will be in touch soon.