Apply to Teaming Essentials – getting to know you

Apply to Teaming Essentials – getting to know you…

Complete this part of your application so that we can make sure you get the most from the program.

  • Please enter the mail you will use during the program. You will use this email for logging into our LMS (Learning Management System), Minecraft and Discord.
  • More about you. (We use this to optimize your learning experience. Only the coaches see this information)

  • This includes: internal team conversations, (all group and informal one-to-ones etc), conversations with other teams, stakeholders and customers. Conversation formats include: scheduled one-to-one, informal one-to-one, scheduled group meetings, informal group meetings, email/messaging etc.
  • Are you ready to Level Up Your Teamwork? These workshops engage you in social experiential learning. Unlike typical self-paced, information-based learning, this requires you to make sincere efforts to be fully present with others, focused on your speaking and listening, willing to participate in intensive experiences with others, and above all, to commit to putting your learning into practice in your workplace. Initial the box below if you’ve thought about this and are keen to participate.