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The VTeaming Platform

We’ve created a suite of programs based on all of the elements essential to teamwork, that is also intellectually and emotionally stimulating, and is delivered completely online. This is what you can expect:

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Diverse teams

People work together virtually in small, geographically-dispersed teams. Just like in remote teams at work, this a true test of people’s ability to work effectively together.

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Simulation of real-life work team situations

Each team engages in a weekly practice session in a virtual teamwork situation, with the guidance of an experienced coach. Each session simulates the requirements of a real-life work project: it is time-bound, with a set objective, there is a leader, and each team member has a role to fulfill. Using the MMORPG game Minecraft, the effects of gamification make people feel as emotionally invested as they do in a real-life team situation.

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Expert coaching

Each teamwork practice session is overseen by one of our experienced coaches, who provide coaching and feedback to accelerate participants’ skill and disposition development.

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Self-directed online learning

Participants learn the theory and distinctions behind their new teamwork practices through online learning materials that they can complete in their own time.

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Structured reflective practice

Both team and individual reflection is built into the program. It comes in both the form of a verbal debriefs during and after each team practice session, and individual written reflections in the days following each session.

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Recurrent practice

Great teamwork and leadership is only built into a person’s natural way of being with regular practice. The program is structured so that participants take what they learn in each training session into practice at work, so that by the end of the program, there is a real, lasting difference in their teamwork and leadership at work, and not just within the program.

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Optional private coaching

Some participants want additional guidance in applying aspects of the program to specific parts of their work or life. For these people, we offer private coaching in conjunction with the program to accelerate their results in these areas.

Welcome to our Programs

Our passion is equipping people for a more engaging, satisfying and productive experience of working with others. We specialise in developing leadership and teaming abilities in people who work in complex knowledge work, including technology, healthcare, consulting and professional services, higher education and financial services.

Our approach is a radical innovation that creates the psychological safety for learning, combined with powerful opportunities to observe oneself in action, both leading and following. It creates a natural bridge from the learning simulation to the work environment

This work mobilizes the power and value of diversity: people from a wide variety of professional skills, cultural backgrounds, and all levels of leadership benefit from being in our programs together.

We focus on experientially developing the so-called ‘soft skills’, the human abilities that are essential to career success at any level, in any culture. Sometimes known as the 4C’s (Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Critical thinking), these abilities crucial for success in our current era of accelerating change.

They are dispositional skills: they involve head, hand and heart. They require both experience and recurrent practice to develop to the point of “embodied competency” – the kind of know-how that’s just part of the way you operate. Our platform provides both of these key ingredients then accelerates the process with skillful professional coaching, peer support and clever use of technology.

The learning pathway evolves through three stages. Each one builds on the one before, and each one has standalone value.