V-Teamwork is an immersive learning experience that helps scrum masters facilitate agile development within teams. This leads to more productive and satisfying meetings and faster progress on projects.

Individual benefits

As a scrum master, you are responsible for facilitating agile team development. This is an important role in a world full of new technologies and distractions that can delay progress within a team.

Research indicated that agile teams experience increased productivity and decreased revenue loss.


  • How can you help your team stay focused on the task at hand?
  • Agree on timelines and outcomes and achieve them?
  • Adapt to new technologies and processes?
  • Remove obstacles that are impeding progress?
  • Protect the team from outside distractions?
  • Direct your team to outcomes, not output?
  • Ensure everyone has the same priorities in mind (care)?

From our experience, the only way to help your team achieve these outcomes is through immersive learning. It is one thing to tell your team what they should care about, but another to allow them to practise in a safe environment with feedback from expert coaches.

Leaders that understand this and create opportunities for their team to develop these skills, create strong employees. This leads to more productive and satisfying meetings and faster progress on projects.

Enterprise benefits

As team members develop their agile teaming skills, companies benefit from faster progress on projects, less time wasted in meetings and flexible adaptation to change. 

This is because the workplace starts to promote psychological safety which develops a learning culture.

When teams can learn together, talk through breakdowns, seek feedback, reflect together, explore others perspectives and conduct experiments while staying focused on the task at hand, they can achieve remarkable results in a short period of time.

This is what V-Teamwork promises to enable within teams:

  • Focus through centring
  • The ability to understand care
  • Productive conversations that explore breakdowns, feedback, reflecting, exploring and experiments.

V-Teamwork develops this through real life practice in an immersive learning environment. After teams go through the program, they report immediate impacts to their teamwork.

“I could physically and immediately apply what I learned so that it became part of my way of doing things. I got so much value out of each session, as it directly correlated to my work environment”.

Mindset shift


Being a learner distracts from doing the work. Exploring possibilities, speaking up about mistakes, experimenting or asking for help are signs of weakness that puts me at risk in the team.


Leaders make it safe to learn because learning together is, in fact, the way we get things done. Exploration, mistakes, experimentation and asking for help are powerful moves that open important opportunities for improving individual and team performance.


  1. V-Teamwork has greatly accelerated the development of leadership and teaming

skills in some of our global engineering teams. Participants have rapidly developed

their own style of working, and have begun working far more effectively with others.

One of the most impactful leadership programs I have ever completed

Instead of forgetting about the program and sliding back into old habits, I’m now established enough in what I learned to build on these skills and make them bigger part of the way I do things