Have you fallen out of love with your work? Here are 10 things you can do to love your job again


Have you fallen out of love with your work? Here are 10 things you can do to love your job again

Love your job


Think about when you first started your job. Everything was new and exciting, and you were eager to make your mark within the organisation. After a few years, your work may have begun to feel monotonous, leaving you feeling stuck and unmotivated. After all, most of us spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week on the job.


It’s common for us to fall out of love with our work. However, the answer doesn’t have to be to find a new job. Here are 10 things you can do to love your job again.


1. Remind yourself of your next-stage goals 

If your job is feeling routine, odds are that you’ve lost sight of how it relates to your next career goal. Consider what you want next in your work life and determine how your current job can help you prepare for that goal.


2. Ask to take on new responsibilities

Your work will become all the more boring if you feel that you don’t have anything to strive for. Talk with your boss and explain that you are ready to tackle new responsibilities. Not only will you challenge yourself and bring life back to your job but succeeding in a new role may help you negotiate a desired promotion or provide leeway to switch teams, departments or roles in the future.


3. Reconnect with your purpose 

What is your purpose in staying in your current position? Is it to provide guidance to junior members? To inspire the company to a higher level of achievement? Or to land a dream promotion? Be honest with yourself and if you find you cannot find a purpose, realise that it may be time to move on.


4. Remember what you love about your job 

If you’re losing inspiration, think about what you love about your job. Consider things both big and small, from the coffee shop you stop at on your way to work to the work-life balance your job provides and the people you work with. Listing everything you are grateful for can help you feel more optimistic about your work life.


5. Re-evaluate your life off the job

Consider the idea that maybe your job isn’t the problem. Have you become your job, causing what you once loved to become methodical and lacklustre? Reinvigorate your life outside of work – start that hobby, exercise class or sport you’ve been meaning to for months. Doing so will breathe life into you and may change your perspective on your job.


6. Make a list of what you want to improve 

Consider what it is about your job that you wish you could change. After all, you can’t solve a problem until you have defined it. Once you have a list of what you don’t like about your job, you can determine a course of action. Talk to your boss and see if any improvements to your position can be made.


7. Ask for support 

If you are feeling overwhelmed and swamped with work, don’t be afraid to talk to your boss or a trusted co-worker about ways to find support. They may be able to help you delegate work and schedule tasks to balance out your workload, or even point you to additional resources and training to help manage your job.


8. Give your workspace a makeover 

Give your workspace a makeover to create more positive associations. This will make you feel better about going to work every day. Remove clutter, hang up an inspiring quote or vision board, or buy a new set of stationary to help refresh both your workspace and your attitude.


9. Remind yourself why you first took the job 

Think about why you accepted the job in the first place. Was it your salary? The cause? A flexible schedule and great benefits? Even if things have changed, keeping in mind why you first took the job will help determine what you find important in a job. Knowing this can help you navigate your next steps in improving your current job or preparing a plan to find a new one.


10. Learn new skills

Again, think about where you want to go next in your career and consider what may be preventing you from getting there. Maybe it is time to develop new skills and experiences. Joining a course or program will give you a more engaged approach and a clearer vision of the next step forward.


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