Practice Network – more details

The Mastery Practice Network

[note: this is a work in progress, including the name]

Concept: why we’re inventing this…

Our alumni repeatedly tell us they keep using what they’ve learned in V-Teamwork, but they wish they had a time-effective way to keep building their skills and at the same time enjoy the stimulation of networking with like-minded folks who aren’t in the same workplace. We are experimenting with a community-of-practice based model.

WHO — alumni of V-Teamwork programs

An action-based way to ‘sharpen the saw’ with leadership and teaming. Are you…

  • An individual contributor or tech lead who wants to: 
    • Make your team and stakeholder conversations more productive
    • Expand your influence 
    • Increase your promotability / be considered for stretch assignments and challenging projects
  • A manager, project manager, or team leader who wants to
    • Make your team more engaged and productive
    • Build influence: managing upwards and across boundaries
    • Strengthen diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging
    • Grow a culture of learning in action
    • Resolve chronic issues and lead innovation and change

WHY — the value proposition

Invest 75 minutes (3% of a 40-hour work week)

ROI / What you get: 

  1. Multiples of your time saved in more effective meetings, better decisions, faster buy-in, less re-work, resolved problems and improved working relationships.
  2. Enrich your network while developing high-value soft skills
  3. Have some fun in an energizing immersive learning experience 

HOW — we create the value through…

    • Opportunities to bring your current breakdowns and challenges to a supportive, insightful peer group
    • Action-based insights into your own and others’ behaviour at work
    • Practice at supporting and coaching others in solving real, relevant “people problems” that have similarities to your own
    • High quality performance feedback from peers and from professional coaches that you can use to be more effective in your current and future workplace conversations

WHAT — 5 steps in each session

  1. Meet the team and coach in Discord video: declare what you want to work on
  2. Coach assigns roles and chooses a mission that matches what you’re working on
  3. Go into Minecraft and work as a team. Frequent stops for coaching — may also involve sudden role reversals, mission changes, unexpected danger and excitement.
  4. Coach calls time: reflect on the mission, share insights, feedback, coaching.
  5. Thank your teammates and exit (or stick around for coaching and networking).