Empowering Virtual Teams – Workshop


How to strengthen connectivity, engagement and trust 

90-minute online practical workshop

  • Wed May 13th 9 am AEST  (Tues May 12th 4 pm PDT)
  • Thurs May 28th 4pm AEST  / 8am SAST / 2pm SGT

If you’re new to working remotely, you’ve probably already discovered that the technical part is pretty straightforward, but team engagement…not so much. You may be noticing things like:

  • People are in a state of continuous partial attention

  • Commitments aren’t as clear or reliable

  • It’s harder to get people on the same page (people say “I understand”, when they really don’t)

You may have already enjoyed our webinars – this workshop is focused on putting the learning into practice, turning ‘know-what’ into ‘know-how’. 

For team leaders and team members alike, this learning experience will set you up with the practices that empower your virtual teams to thrive.

Using V-Teamwork’s innovative blend of coactive learning, coaching and shared reflection, you will work with a small group of peers to:

  • Understand the links between learning, resilience, and performance on virtual teams, including issues to specific remote working.

  • Diagnose the missing conversations and specific challenges on your own team(s). (Including the relational dynamics and psychological safety)

  • Identify the practices and behaviors that boost teams into sustained performance improvement.

  • Launch into practice by selecting the right actions for your team and generating your own plan of action.