Reimbursement template

Tuition Reimbursement Template

Some of our corporate and public sector participants have been able to be reimbursed for their participation in the V-Teamwork Core Skills program.

To help you, here’s an email template you can use or modify to start the conversation with your boss.


Subject: V-Teamwork program: improving productivity and adding value for our team


I’m heartened that our company is focused on practical professional development. I want to level up my communication, leadership and teaming skills, so I applied to the V-Teamwork Core Skills program. I have been accepted for the next program which I’m thrilled about.  

People in recent programs have worked with companies like Autodesk, Apple, Nike, NASA and others. In some cases, companies have reserved places for their employees or reimbursed them for the tuition expense.

The tuition invoice is attached. At the end of the program, V-Teamwork will provide me with a certificate of completion that confirms my participation and achievement.

Do I work with HR directly regarding reimbursement? Can we have a conversation about the best approach?