Sarah Dewar – Case Study

V-Teamwork Alumni - Sarah Dewar

Instructional Designer and Developer

Tell us what you do and what your work typically involves.

Sarah Dewar is a seasoned instructional designer and developer. She has over 20 years of experience in the realm of adult learning, complemented by 15 years of experience creating innovative eLearning solutions for healthcare professionals. Sarah’s award-winning “Infomercials as eLearning” combine graphics with live action to create memorable and impactful learning experiences. She also creates custom animation to engage learners. Sarah shares her knowledge internationally and volunteers her expertise to not-for-profit organizations. 

How has V-Teamwork helped you develop as a contributor?

Sarah works in a "department of one".  As such, she doesn't get many chances to work in a team environment.  V-Teamwork has re-awakened her passion for collaboration and authentic team experiences.

What did you  enjoy most about your V-Teamwork experience?

Sarah is not afraid of failure.  In fact, it's something she embraces. Sarah says, " I was clearly the worst Minecraft player on our team.  We all knew it.  But I didn't care, nor did my amazing team. In fact, it helped me be even more open to receiving feedback."   She adds, "Sometimes being the worst at something yields the best experience."

How did your learning in V-Teamwork show up in your work? Can you give an example?

Sarah is offering feedback to her colleagues about the need for changes in her organization.  Sarah says, "I'm encouraging colleagues to not only speak up about feeling overworked, but also to embrace FAILURE as a way to demonstrate just how overworked they are.

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