Shemi Rubin – Case Study

V-Teamwork Alumni - Shemi Rubin

Job Title: Innovation and Design Engineer @ Experience Work Pty Ltd

Tell us what you do and what your work typically involves.

I am a business coach and designer specialising in improving retention of professional staff. I’ve been in this business for two years, after working as an engineer for twenty years. My passion is facilitating people’s growth, to move them towards living an extraordinary life.

How did V-Teamwork help you level up?

V-Teamwork opened my eyes to just how big my gaps in communication are, and the impact that they can have on my business. I discovered a whole new way to communicate effectively and coordinate my team: focuses on commitments, not just performing tasks. I would say it has changed the way I look at how I will lead my team in the future.

V-Teamwork has also changed the way I listen. In many conversations with colleagues, I’d been ‘listening’ to the content, without hearing their concern or what they were communicating. Now, as I listen more deeply to them, I see opportunities that I used to overlook. Many of these opportunities have the potential of saving my time  and energy. The savings and added productivity have quickly added up to improve project flow and directly improve the bottom line.

What did you like best about V-Teamwork?

Many aspects  of the program were directly applicable to my work. I was able to immediately apply what we were learning every week. I noticed improvements immediately in my professional and personal life.


Also, the fact that it ran over ten weeks helped to ingrain the learnings. It is nothing like a two day course where most of the learnings are left in the classroom and seldom reach the office.

Who would you recommend V-Teamwork to?

The competencies I’ve developed in this program are directly relevant to anyone working in cross-functional teams.  I recommend it to employers who are serious about investing in their staff and the company’s bottom line. In my view, the program is ideal for professionals who cannot afford to take time off to do an intensive course, but want to improve their leadership skills with lasting results.

If you’re still not sure, here is a little bit more about us...

Our customers can't stop talking about us


After doing the program, executives, managers and team members are delighted at the way they can create a collaborative culture, hold people accountable and transform previously difficult relationships.

We’ve worked with some of the best in the business


Through our work with executives and managers at multinational tech companies and major government organisations, we know what’s involved in leading high-level, high-performing teams, and we’ve ensured that our program will deliver results for the most senior of managers.

Our expertise spans many disciplines


Our program is founded on world-leading research in behavioural science, games and gamification, biology of cognition, philosophy of language and somatics.

Our own team brings together more than a decade of experience in ontological and somatic coaching, action-learning methods, management consulting, organizational development, and user experience design.