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Teaming Essentials

This program lays strong foundations for better leadership at every level.

When you complete this stage, you will be a more valuable contributor on any team that you are a leader or member of. Why? because you will be more connected to what you care about, and more able to connect quickly and deeply with what other team members and stakeholders care about. You will have developed your leadership presence through mindfulness practice. You will know how to take action to cultivate psychological safety in yourself and others, and you will be more able to engage the team in productive conversations for learning while executing together.

Best of all, these won’t be merely concepts you have read, written about and discussed - you will in fact have practiced with a diverse team in real live-action teamwork situations supported by our professional coaches. You will also have gained high value feedback from our Team Conversation Analytics technology, reflected deeply with a small, diverse group of peers, and experienced practice opportunities in your work setting with the support of your coach.

Content includes:

  • Teaming behaviours: speaking up, collaboration, experimentation, reflection
  • Interdependent thinking, exploring perspectives, drawing shared conclusions
  • Team Learning: sharing, talking through, and learning from mistakes
  • Team Learning: seeking external feedback on process and outcomes
  • Mindfulness, center and presence for leading and teaming
  • Intelligent listening for care: listening with understanding and empathy
  • Interpersonal risk and psychological safety factors
  • Reflective practice for expanded self awareness in action with others
  • Transfer of learning: the action learning cycle

Duration: 10 contact/coaching hours + 2-3 hours of independent learning, over 4 weeks. [around 3 hours a week]

Prerequisite: Nil

Fee: US$1,950

Speak to us about corporate rates.