More about Teaming Leadership 2

Teaming Leadership 2

Are you ready to develop mastery in your leadership? Take Teaming Leadership 2 if you want to expand your ability to build and repair trust, hold people accountable, lift engagement, and coordinate action across boundaries (geographical, cultural, generational, knowledge etc)

Like our other programs,  Teaming Leadership 2 is deeply experiential and uses professional coaches and our real-time conversation analytics. Building on the Teaming Leader program, you undertake a multi-week, live-action team project in the simulation.

In parallel, you apply your developing skills to accelerate selected work-related projects. This action learning approach is enhanced by professional coaching and reflection with your global learning team of 3-5 peers.

Specifics include:

  • How to take action to cultivate and repair trust
  • Building solidarity and respect in your teams
  • Practices for improving accountability
  • Disagreement and productive conflict
  • Adapting to change, driving change and navigating in complexity
  • Identifying and reducing waste and delay in projects
  • Mastering distributed teamwork
  • Leadership actions: learning to learn from failure and spanning boundaries: cultural, generational, functional, professional.

Duration:13 contact/coaching hours + 6 hours of independent learning, over 7 weeks. [around 3 hours per week]

Prerequisite: Teaming Leadership 1

Fee: US$2,550   Additional individual coaching packages available for senior leaders

Program bundle: >30% discount if you commit to the whole program [upfront payment, complete all 3 programs within 18 months]

Speak to us about corporate rates.