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Teaming Leadership

Whatever your role, you will significantly level up your leadership in the Teaming Leadership program. Whether you are a tech lead, manager or a seasoned executive, leading effectively in a world of accelerating change requires increasingly higher levels of adaptability, communication, learning and human relational skills.

You cannot develop these abilities from books, videos, workshops and self-paced learning. Like riding a bicycle, you can only cultivate leadership through direct experience and practice. And that’s exactly what you get in this program: learning by doing as you take turns leading a small, diverse team in an immersive simulation.

Our professional coaches work with you in action for immediate results, you get insightful feedback from your teammates and refine your engagement and inclusion skills using Team Conversation Analytics. Between the weekly sessions you can expect improved outcomes at work.

Content includes:

  • Mindsets for learning leading and teaming
  • Developing dependability: managing team commitments effectively, including effective requests, valuable offers and reliable promises
  • How to set and maintain performance standards
  • Building engagement and inclusion through speaking up
  • Shifting from negative to positive moods
  • Cultivating your leadership presence: in person and virtually
  • Offering, giving, seeking and receiving assessments that improve performance
  • Leadership actions: reframing for learning and generating psychological safety

Duration: 13 contact/coaching hours + 7 hours of independent learning, over 7 weeks. [around 3 hours per week]

Prerequisite: Teaming Essentials

Fee: US$2,550   Additional individual coaching packages available for senior leaders

Speak to us about corporate rates.