So, you didn’t expect to be working completely virtually?

Suddenly, remote working is the new normal.

Join our series of 45-minute webinars to learn about the actions you need to take to build and work in​

Teams are global, travel is costly, and with the current threat of COVID-19, almost impossible. Now is the time to invest in bringing your teams online. Empowering your teams to thrive is the way to ensure the right people are in the room having the right conversations. It’s also a necessary step to stay ahead of the digital transformation curve.


Working from home doesn’t mean missing out. This webinar gives you the inside track on actions you can take to build your influencing skills, listen more effectively, and show up as a strong, effective contributor in all your virtual meetings.

When you and your colleagues work from home, it’s too easy to fall into the space of “together but not connected”, where too much goes unsaid, too much is assumed, not enough progress is made, and worst of all, too much effort is wasted. Learn the building blocks of engagement and resilience that empower you and your team to thrive across geographies.


When our team is distributed, it’s harder to be accountable for our actions as a team member, and harder still to hold others accountable. Result: momentum is lost, and productivity drops. Learn how you can take action to build and repair trust. This trust lives at the heart of accountability and productivity, and it’s what enables your virtual team to flourish.

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How many webinars should I attend?

Each webinar has different information, and they are each designed to provide stand-alone value. We recommend you sign up for all three sessions. However, if you register for just one or two, we will still send you links to recordings of the other sessions.

What if I can't attend?

Register anyway. We will send you resources and access to a replay of the webinar.

What’s really needed for teams to thrive virtually?

The internet is full of great content on remote working, for example: optimal use of conferencing tech, virtual meeting etiquette, cultural sensitivity, and preparing adequately, etc. This is all helpful but it’s merely the price of entry. 

To develop real effectiveness on a virtual team, we need to learn how to observe and act differently: listen with understanding and empathy, make and manage commitments effectively, shift to moods for success, and generate psychological safety. These are the actions that empower both individual and team performance.

Evidence-based and personalised solutions

At V-Teamwork we empower individuals to participate and thrive in high-performing teams, especially teams that work in fast moving complexity. We have been researching and developing simulation coaching methods and behavioral analytics for the past eight years. These webinars are packed with content from our immersive, experiential Teaming Essentials and Teaming Leadership programs.

Join founder and CEO Phillip Crockford and his colleagues for a deeper dive into what empowers individuals and teams to thrive across disciplines, cultures, generations and geographies.